Innovation hub that builds and provides quant strategies and systems; risk management strategies and systems; trading signals and indicators; fintech AI and MC systems, and; trading operation centre platform with 24/7 enterprise support services. The technology team is divided into five groups: 

Data Engineering: Fabriik Business Units require a vast amount of data to do their jobs correctly. The technology team collects, stores and feeds the data internally to teams.

Trade Engineering: This team is responsible for building and supporting applications that enable our hedge fund, our OTC desk, our liquidity provision offering, and our market making capabilities.  

Exchange Engineering: Building and supporting our digital assets marketplace. The marketplace will service users from around the globe. 

Infrastructure: Supplying all the systems built into the production environment; and monitoring, alerting and providing updates based around that.  We have a global infrastructure, primarily based out of Europe, but prepared to be wherever we need to be. 

Mobile Development: Includes all the applications the team is building such as, trading, development of the exchange, tokenization and custody.


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